Tuesday 9 September 2008


The light is quite beautiful at the moment but not too wonderful for taking pictures. Today, I worked on the still life I began yesterday afternoon - it's 10" square. The photos were all a bit blurry because the shutter had to stay open for at least one second due to the lack of light. We had an enormous thunderstorm and I swear the temperature has dropped at least 20 degrees since this morning. For so many years I thought still lifes were kind of boring but I have really begun to enjoy them as an exercise and because I am not dependent on the conditions outdoors.......I love painting people even more but my current budget doesn't allow me to pay models so I have to rely on our group thing if I wish to paint from life. Anyway, I am trying to expand my knowledge of color-mixing and setting up a still life is a great way to accomplish this. The small eggplants and winter squash from my garden were perfect for my desire to paint purple/violet..........I added some husk tomatoes from the farmer's market and placed them on a ripped up cardboard box and voila! I have been swatting Yakov (my cat) away from the still life all day.......I have bought her off with some shrimp. I will finish this tomorrow morning since it's as dark as a cave at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Patty,
We are meeting at Brenton point parking lot near the restrooms around 9:30AM. I probably won't get make it at that time considering traffic on Rte. 4/1 Nobody get going before 10:00 anyway because they all like to gab for a while.
Hope to see you there.
Jo Ann

patricia walsh said...

Jae - I'll try to make it.....tomorrow's pretty full! Later. Patty