Tuesday 29 April 2014

Old Seabrook Post Office - 14x11

I figured I would post an example of why I don't often post photos of plein air work I do. I often choose complicated subjects that are difficult to finish in one sitting (but really want to to paint). I also choose to make them somewhat larger than is practical because I like working larger and have never been able to successfully distill the subject into an 8x6" panel. I did a little more on this before I had to quit because the light had changed so much I couldn't continue and wiped everything down. Now that I see the photo I see all the flaws that I didn't see on site! I know how valuable the entire morning was for me even though I had nothing concrete to show for it and plan on going back to the same spot to do another study and then do something larger from sketches and photos. This owner of the property actually stopped and told me a little about the building - the main portion of the building was a general store and the little collapsed portion was a post office.

Sunday 27 April 2014

Coosaw Boats - 24x12"

When I first moved here I did a lot of exploring and found this spot - I took a photo so I didn't forget about it totally but could never find it again. That's what happens when you have soooo many new places all jumbled together in your head, I suppose. Thanks to my neighbor (who works for the highway department and does a lot of fishing) I was able to find the place again. I have more to go but thought I would get a photo up. I have been "plein airing" recently and have had the usual mixed results. I finally ordered some RayMar panels to try and I already like them better than gessoed masonite.

Thursday 17 April 2014

St. Helena plein air - 12x9"

For some weird reason this painting was very hard to photograph................I have been painting outside a lot since the weather has improved. So, this is one I did near my house at low tide yesterday afternoon.

Sunday 13 April 2014

the excitement of a new yard!!!!

It is very exciting to discover what is actually growing in my yard as my first year here moves through the seasons.......I have a ton of azaleas and they are all blooming at the moment. I just set up my Soltek easel in the yard yesterday and tried to portray a bit of it (12x9"). One of the difficulties of working outside in a wooded area is the constantly shifting dappled light.........always tough but even tougher by the variety of things like Spanish Moss which hang and blow in the breeze. I just want to be outside all the time now so I am determined to get better under these conditions!

Tuesday 8 April 2014

plein air season in the south!

Well, the weather has finally softened, the windows are open and there aren't too many bugs yet! Our fledgling plein air group in Beaufort is beginning to take off and we had more people than ever this week. I did the following 12x16" study yesterday - didn't quite finish it but know that I wish to (have to fix the road and adjust some values). A storm front was moving in and I just made it back to the car before the rain arrived.

Also, here's an update of the 18x18" landscape I have been working on in the studio................turns out I didn't get much done on it during the week-long task of getting ready for my accountant/tax prep appointment (who was I kidding).