Sunday 24 July 2011

finishing things - tour bus 20x16"

I have had this painting kicking around for a couple of years and decided to finish it............still a little straightening needs to be done (I just noticed it the photo) but I wanted to get myself in the habit of posting again.

Saturday 23 July 2011

Time flies!!!!

I have sort of missed posting and decided to get a few things up...............I finished the top one a while ago. The lower painting was begun early this week but I had to finish it at home. I don't usually paint things like hay bales but the horizontal nature of the scene needed another element so I decided to put it in. It was a lovely evening in Little Compton and I met three other painters; the light was changing fast. I have been pretty much commuting back and forth to NY but have squeezed in plenty of painting in between. We are making progress on my Dad's house but, boy, is it a sad duty...............the first few days I felt disloyal, like I was dismantling him somehow.