Saturday 13 September 2008

crying and accepting

I am posting a 10" square picture that I began the day Yakov disappeared.........the day that I was so busy and didn't pat her head when I left. Yesterday was bad - all the sadness that I had held somewhat at bay when my mother died on July 1 combined with the sadness of the certainty of Yakov being gone and I turned into a crying mess. Last night I was unable to do anything except watch episodes of "Lost" on my laptop (I brought it into bed with me!). Today is somewhat better, acceptance seems to be arriving......the grocery store was tough though (not buying cat food). I have stretched a canvas specifically to paint her and hope to begin in the morning although I have to go to a bridal shower in the afternoon. This pickle picture seemed way too cheerful when I sort-of finished it this morning but I am posting it anyway because I do like the pickles despite the plate being sketchy.

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