Monday 27 May 2013

new computer/all thumbs

Sorry about the bad photo but I am just thrilled that I managed to get it here at all! I love my new computer but it will be an adjustment to figure a few things out.....luckily I have had an ipad & an iphone for quite a while so the operating system isn't foreign. iPhoto will be a bit more of a challenge but at least things aren't shutting down for no apparent reason. Actually this post is a combination of practice and missing New England (probably by the imminent purchase of a house and its concrete commitment to the south) I have been in the house and decided to work from a pretty old photo.

Thursday 23 May 2013

blue tubes - 20x16

I am almost done with this painting - I pretty much hate plastic but find myself fascinated with it in this type of situation. I wanted to get the feel of it as a transparent filter for the bright sunshine - the way bodies look when they are seen through it as well as the way the sunlight/shadows change as a result of the light passing through the plastic. Just a note: my new computer has arrived!!!! I am hoping for a smooth transition but know enough after having done it several times that it may be "time consuming." So, I hope to be back online by tomorrow afternoon (at least my fingers are crossed)..........we shall see.

Sunday 19 May 2013

the lagoon - 16x12" - on the easel

This is the best crop-job I could do with my computer in its current condition - thank goodness my new one is due to arrive next week! It was a beautiful weather day yesterday and I just had to go to Hunting Island Beach to paint rather than work on anything inside.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

blue tubes - 20x16"

I have been having MAJOR computer problems for the past week and figured that I had better get this mostly done painting posted before the computer just chooses to tell me I am "working offline" again (I thought you had to select that). At any rate, I just ordered an imac this morning so will have a new computer soon............I'm not sure why I put it off for the past three months but it's done now and I am excited that I will be problem free soon.

Wednesday 8 May 2013

marsh stuff

It was so damn nice that I decided to go outside to paint today rather than finish the painting I have been working on (bottom) inside. I decided to work on a larger canvas (top - 16x12") than I have been using outside and was really happy that I did since it felt so much more "correct" than the smaller canvases I have been using. Sorry about the little shadows at the top of the photo............I took the photo outside on site. The "Taste of Beaufort" festival this past weekend was pretty much a wash-out since it was raining so hard that the paint wasn't even sticking to the canvas and I used nearly a roll of paper towels sopping up the water on my palette (while under an umbrella!).......some days are simply not meant for plein air.

Friday 3 May 2013

Taste of Beaufort tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the "Taste of Beaufort" festival at Waterfront Park..........I would love to tell you more but I'm unsure of what it is exactly. I'm pretty sure that it's a showcase of the many restaurants that exist in Beaufort......unfortunately it is supposed to rain all day. The reason I am sharing this with you is that a group of us plein air painters will be painting at the waterfront for much of the, if you are close, come visit. I am prepping myself for a rainy day! At any rate, I have finished the girl at the beach painting and have begun another painting of the view I see when I look across a large marsh (near my house) at a small white house on the other side. I have been pondering how to compose this picture for months since it looks totally different depending on the time of day and the level of the water.......sometimes the view is quite boring. Both paintings shown are 18x24," a size I am really comfortable with.