Tuesday 30 April 2013

getting a drink - 24x18"

I am nearly finished with this painting now - had to spend much of yesterday at the house I'm buying getting a septic system inspection and a plumbing estimate. No one was on time and I suppose I should get used to that since that seems to be part of owning a house. I really love this place, on a dirt road, surrounded with live oaks covered with spanish moss - a stable and a marsh within sight and the private beach a short bike ride! One of my southern friends said "you'll learn how to paint spanish moss for sure now." This is a reference to my nearly constant plein air practice of the same! It's exciting to move again despite the fact that the sight of plastic storage containers makes me cringe..........I believe this will be the last move I do for a very long time!

Sunday 28 April 2013

sunday update

Just a couple of updates..........the top painting is 16x20" and nearly completed and the bottom one is 24x18" and at the mid stage. I have been really busy recently and working on larger paintings or studies and they don't always lend themselves to posting so I have been somewhat absent!

Tuesday 16 April 2013

four girls - second step - 16x20"

I am making good progress with this one (that means no obsessive scraping off) so I am happy about it. Controlling the values can be a challenge on a backlit painting and I am pleased that I am managing and excited about working on the painting. Another condition I am accepting is working through the inevitable drying of the paint without becoming unhappy.......on something larger it simply must be delt with. I cannot withold comment on the explosions in Boston yesterday since I graduated from Boston University, lived in that area for most of my life and have so many friends and family there. I only moved south a year and a half ago and Boston remains the city of my coming of age. My heart goes out to everyone there and to the spirit of those streets I know so well.....Boston is a beautiful city and this violence has got to stop.

Friday 12 April 2013

storm clouds plein air study - 10x8"

When I saw the first summery clouds that I have seen in months I had to stop working in the studio and get outside..........I had about an hour before the skies opened and I had to run for the car! The spot I went to is one that I will be able to ride my bike to after I move (fingers crossed that the home inspection goes well and there are no problems).

Thursday 11 April 2013

beach figures beginning - 16x20"

It's warm again! I am thrilled because I am already spoiled by living in the south and this winter seemed way too cold and dark for me. At any rate, I have nearly finished the girl with the red sunglasses and placed it on my drying wall. I have begun the painting at the top - I really like the grouping of these girls and the abstract design of the group reflected in the wet sand/water. Had to put aside the square "girl in the wave" painting because I had re-done her face and found it wanting so many times that I just blocked it in with a neutral and will let that dry until I attempt it again. I have found a house that I totally love and am in the beginning stages of buying it (moving again....sigh) - I will be able to walk to the beach and there is an outbuilding that I plan on making into a studio!

Friday 5 April 2013

sunglasses and house hunting - 14x11"

I have been remiss about blogging recently for many reasons.........First of all I've been doing a lot of studies outside and just don't want to share them because I feel like they are information collection rather than finished paintings. Secondly, I am house hunting! I have made an offer on a lovely place near the beach and am now waiting for the buyer's response so I am pretty much pacing the studio just waiting for the realtor's call.! At any rate, I was able to do much of this painting today (and feeling incredibly guilty about not posting, I decided to post) and hope to finish it tomorrow.