Monday 12 September 2016

the big one - 12" square

I know I said I was transitioning to my website blog but I finished this and thought I would get it up here since I'm not going to go onto my website today. I took some photos when I went to Edisto Beach last week and this scene is from one of the photos I took. I like the angle since there is some elevation - something I can't get at the beaches near my house.

Sunday 11 September 2016

two in hand - 20" square

This one took longer than I had planned - in fact one day I swear I spent the entire afternoon on a couple of square inches! We had a tropical storm last weekend and lost power and internet for all of Friday and some of Saturday, I had to do a shift at the Gallery on Sunday so when I got back to the studio on Monday I was a little surprised I was still working on it since it seemed like ages since I'd started it - time is weird. At any rate, I will be moving this blog to my new this week after exploring options to somehow combine the two. I have been working on completing the portions of the website that I hadn't had time to finish.