Thursday 30 June 2016

the swimming hole - 12x24"

Wow............I had no idea that it had been so long since I posted anything! Actually, I plan on transitioning this blog to my new website on Yes, I finally started a "real" website and that website has a blog feature which I will be using. I will probably do double entries for a bit (once I figure out how to use the blog template). I have been working plein air a lot recently but have been experimenting and haven't really felt like putting them here. This painting is one I have been working on in the studio when it's either raining or too damn hot. It is nearly complete and it's been really hot.

So, my new website is: (note the double "a" in the middle - that's my middle initial and the site without the double a was taken). I have been putting this website thing off for years and just really wanted my work to be available in one spot without having to scroll through pages and pages that are accompanied by comments. In addition to that, I often do not wish to post updates of paintings that are completed over time and much of my work is now larger than 8x10's and the like so it isn't completed in one session. There remain unfinished areas on the website just because I haven't had time to do them yet but they will all be finished soon. I was really, really surprised by how long it took me to organize all of the photos of my paintings for the website and how this blog was unbelievably helpful in helping me locate pictures of paintings among the seemingly millions of photos that remain unorganized in iPhoto. I felt pretty relieved when I had completed most of the work! More info later on the process and I'll try to not lose all sense of time again.