Wednesday 18 December 2013

correction & progress

I have been working on this and preparing for Christmas since my two children will be flying in........I can't wait to see them! As soon as I posted this painting the other day, I realized that I had mistaken the size - it is actually 22" square. Since it is so complicated I have been working on the drawing and the values more than the color. I don't like doing those kind of adjustments until I have covered the entire canvas.

Saturday 14 December 2013

French Quarter morning - 18x18"

This is my second beginning for this painting............the main reason I wanted to do it was the look of the shadows of the fire escapes on the buildings. Because of the complexity of the scene I got a bit lost in the first version so I began a second one working in a fashion that I normally never use. I actually drew it in pencil first and then did a wash drawing over that! It encourages a semi-tight approach but I didn't know how else I could do it. I now feel like I understand the structure better but it is certainly time consuming.