Wednesday 25 February 2009


Sigh, now that I have figured out why I wasn't able to connect to the internet, I have been getting weird "cookie" messages from blogspot. The help section wasn't any help at all because the graphic they showed looks nothing like anything I can find on my computer. Stayed up late last night (past 9) so I could watch Obama......isn't it wonderful we don't have to cringe anymore? Anyway, I am working on a restaurant scene and am eager to get back to is in flux at the moment.

Monday 23 February 2009

jackie's galaxie

My son was home for the weekend so we went to Jackie's Galaxie, an asian restaurant in nearby Bristol, RI. I grabbed the chopsticks and saved my fortune cookie so I could paint them. It is so cold and windy today that I have barely opened the door (except for the gym which I am forcing myself to go to every day). My son drove home to Maine and said it was a blizzard not far from here - we got only rain.

Saturday 21 February 2009


Despite a couple of days of wipe-offs, the sun is high, the light is looking more springlike and I wanted to use color today. This is 8" square and reflects my rather sunny mood today.

Wednesday 18 February 2009

a shell on a book

I finished the sign I was working on - absolutely had to clean my palettes, painting area etc. so I got a bit of a late start on painting a picture. I cannot tell you how many shells I have attempted to paint and have always wiped them off. Today I decided that I wanted to do one illuminated with a spot lamp and really try to gets its essence (wicked new-age, I know) rather than draw it accurately in paint. The task was quite difficult but I didn't wipe it off so that is some progress. I am mulling over possibilities for a new larger picture so I might do a couple of still lifes until I decide...........

Tuesday 17 February 2009

online again

I have finally discovered why I was having internet connection relatively new wireless router is defective (broken, useless and not on warranty). The problems intensified the end of last week and logging on to anything kicked me off line. I had a revelation late yesterday and plugged the cable into the side of the computer and "voila," no problems since. I believe my daughter had told me to do this earlier but I was determined to figure out what was happening. I now know that "figuring out what is happening" is a colossal waste of time and annoying beyond belief! I had to do some paying work anyway (painting a commercial sign) so I wasn't exactly churning out personal work over the past couple of days. To make yesterday complete, I dropped this painting face down on the filthy sidewalk coming out of the portrait group!

Friday 13 February 2009

Friday (ran out of ideas for a title)

I had my appointment with my accountant this morning..........turns out that I kept records that were way more detailed than they had to be. Live and learn; I probably spent far more time than I needed (most of yesterday after I thought I was done) to but I did learn a lot about how much I spend. I am getting to work now after driving around rather aimlessly for an hour just looking at stuff. I am posting a quick study (on shellacked watercolor paper) since I am trying to conserve space and money and experimenting with different surfaces seems to be a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Wednesday 11 February 2009

tiverton farmers

I was hoping to finish this today but I didn' close but not quite. I am really into agriculture and farmer's markets; this scene is illustrative of the market in Fall River. This family lives and farms in Tiverton, RI and are the only Latino family at the market..........I always shop from them first because they have really great stuff and are really nice. I am working with a nearly square format - 12x14."

Tuesday 10 February 2009

portrait night

Last night was a great of those times that you actually feel as if you have moved ahead by practicing. I had been getting discouraged at being stuck in the house, tired and impatient with having to use photos more than I like and just general seasonal malaise I suppose. So, today my mood is soooo much better, maybe I just needed to get out.

Monday 9 February 2009

brizo DO mar - sold

I realized that I spelled the title of my former post incorrectly! At any rate, I finished this picture and started another. We had such a windy Sunday that, despite temps in the 50's, I was unable to set up and paint was definitely progress though and gives one hope.

Friday 6 February 2009


I spent most of the day organizing tax information............with a brief respite for the gym. I did make lots of progress but it is my first full calendar year as a self-employed artist so I am trying to learn what I can and can't do. Now that it's 5 pm, it's time to paint! I have gotten a little further on this study.............I am going to try to finish tonight. The internet has been going off and on all day so I am hoping that I can get this posted. The only plus side to the lack of the internet is that it breaks up the horrible economic news which was beginning to give me quite a headache. It totally boggles my mind that there is anyone left who can stomach the republican's economic message and the sheer stupidity of their arguments stuns me. Oh, here I go getting political but really! Then I went to the gym (I forgot my ipod) and, despite having a book, it was impossible to concentrate because of the idiocy blaring from the many tv's and I realized all over again that a ton of people don't seem to think at all and don't seem to want to think, preferring the drivel that is thrown at them 24/7. Well, I will stop myself now.

Thursday 5 February 2009

life study -11x14

We had a three hour pose last night at life drawing group..........this was cool because there was enough time to do an actual painting. As much as I love drawing from a model, I would rather paint. Considering the fact that I haven't actually painted a nude since art school (a long, long time ago), I was pleased with my effort and had a wonderful time. It remains very cold here and I am waiting for the air to moderate a bit...........just so it feels good to be outside again.

Wednesday 4 February 2009

brizo del mar

This is a bar right down the street from my house - it's really quite ugly by day but I am fascinated by it at night. This is the beginning of a small study to work out colors and values for a possible larger picture. The setting sun throws one set of colors on the left side of the building and the artificial lights bathe the entry in a totally different warm orange light (of course one can't see that yet!). I put a figure entering because I wanted to.............I love solitary figures in scenes. The bar/restaurant's sign is in both English and is the Seabreeze in English and it is a block from the water. Judging from the music and clientele I am unlikely to do an interior.

Tuesday 3 February 2009

day after groundhog day

It is snowing again - I did all of my errands early and it wasn't too bad but it is supposed to get worse as the day progresses. I am posting my portrait from last night - it's 8" square.

Editing skills?

I haven't learned how to post a delayed entry yet...........I worked on this yesterday with increasing frustration and then decided to call it quits to go into Providence. I wasted too much time trying to portray the little roots at the bottom of the leeks and still was not able to simplify them at the same time as I retained their "hairiness." I am saving this precisely for later when I have figured that out!