Saturday 31 May 2014

thunderstormy - 12x10"

I did two plein air studies yesterday..............I am totally sick of working inside so I have decided that I should work outside for at least a portion of each day if I want to remain sane! In getting ready for my studio renovation (next week), I realized that I had a zillion old panels I could reuse so I could feel better about not "wasting materials." At any rate, this was done on a panel that has been painted over several times - I think I caught the mood/color of the day pretty well. I tried to work outside this morning and watched a storm come at me so fast I did not even have time to set up twice...........gave up, went home and paid bills instead!

Tuesday 27 May 2014

third week of May - update

This type of update is working well for me since I have developed such a dislike of going on the computer! The top painting is in its final stages and measures 16x12." It is painted on a Raymar panel - a surface I am trying to use more and more - I still like stretched canvas better. Sorry about the tiny shadows at the top (it's still on the easel)......too wet to move to get a better photo.....the color's too cool as well.

This painting is also nearly completed but was so wet I had to put it aside for a few's 20x16" (and on canvas).

This 12x10" study was done plein air - a view of the only elevated area we have in Beaufort - from the marina. I tend to do these studies more for gathering information about color and experimenting with stroke/mark making than anything else.....also on a Raymar panel.

Thursday 15 May 2014

several things from the past week

I am nearly done with this 24x12" painting but found that two of the masts had drifted from their original position........this is very easy to do but I had to let it set up a little before i finished the painting. 

This is a 14x11" plein air study I did on Monday at the Old Seabrook Post Office. I went with a plan to work on values - I have found that this mindset allows me to enjoy what I am doing without feeling the pressure of having a painting I can take a picture of. 

After working on landscapes or marine scenes for a period of time I am always eager to get back to a figure grouping outside........this one is 20x16" of a mom and her daughter at Hunting Island. 

Thursday 1 May 2014

gloomy day penstemon study - 12x10"

I had to cut this one a little short since it started to rain pretty heavily - really had a great time doing it! I have a very wooded yard and have been collecting some shade perennials - this is one of them.