Sunday 22 March 2015

plein air day

It was such a nice day yesterday that I couldn't bear to be I went to two different locations to paint. This is the more successful of the two I did (12x10). Today it is gloomy, raining and cold again though much warmer than my sister's where it was 19 degrees this morning! So, I'm not complaining just impatient. 

Thursday 12 March 2015

eddings point late day - 16x12"

I paint at this boat landing all the time even though this painting is not plein air. I am sort of making the scene the way I want it to be....might have to go back and collect some more info to finish it. The weather has been much better recently so I have been getting out to do some studies (finally!). The next month may be lighter than usual as far as posting goes since the Beaufort Art Association's Spring Show is coming up next week (I will be working) and my daughter is getting married on April 11th!!!! so I have assorted tasks relating to that. I want to get a couple of more things posted  before I'm swept into busy-ness.

Saturday 7 March 2015

beach scene and street corner

I've completed this 10x20" beach scene and am pretty pleased after having to repaint the bathing suit about three times!

Began this 12" square painting this week. It's still pretty cold outside here and everything looks gray and tired.....yesterday I gave up working after two hours because I could not get the studio warm enough and I just threw an unwitnessed tantrum and went in to the house and read a book the rest of the day. I haven't invested in a more powerful heater because it's usually not needed in this area (it is semitropical) and I don't want to waste the space it would take up. It's much better today and my out of sorts mood is gone!