Monday 17 August 2009

bateman farm

Went out with the Westport Art Group Monday morning plein air group today. I really like this group.......not only because of the people but because we meet at places that I have either not discovered or not had permission to enter. Bateman Farm is one such place. I have longingly driven by it about a million times before but never been able to park anywhere near it much less drive into the grounds. There were breathtaking views of the orchards, barns (complete with horses, a llama and a donkey), rolling fields and buildings - with the Atlantic in the distance. I still have some work to do on this one but am learning a lot about architecture..............the fog rolled in at about 1:30pm and hunger drove me home.

1 comment:

Jack said...

I too really like this group.......great to be with them..they are so caring people..keep going..[..]

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