Sunday 20 September 2009

ah, parking!

This morning I decided to go to one of the private beaches that are inaccessible in the summer. I went pretty early and no one was around - the woman who owned the beach club showed up at about 10 and was pretty annoyed that I hadn't asked her if I could paint on her property (and I hadn't even parked there)! She let up a bit when I told her I would have asked if she was there and offered to leave; she said I could stay and told me that she had had a bad experience with an art group not asking her permission and then leaving the place a mess. I finished the small picture but lost the feeling I had when I got started and kind of felt like she was keeping an eye on me, waiting for me to drop some trash. I went out after lunch and started another picture parked in a Bank of America parking lot - no problems there.

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