Friday 4 September 2009

sachuest point

I met up with some other painters yesterday to paint at Sachuest wildlife refuge - it's always nice to paint with other people even if you barely speak or are quite a distance apart. Even in wonderfully safe places you can draw unwelcome/creepy visitors...........most people are quite appropriate and respectful but there are those rare ones. I might be more sensitive because of my former career (and the fact that I did receive some promises that they would "find me when they got out of prison"). Besides that unpleasant fact, it is just fun to discover new places and views. I now need to discover how to reduce the image size of the photos I post...........I just found out about this feature and could have done it if I still had photoshop but I cannot figure it out using the windows photo gallery.


Jo Ann Elig said...

Try saving using (save for web) using photoshop. Then I just save to the desktop for easy handling. I have a mac. Hope that helps. Don't feel bad my son had to teach me this when I started to post. Hope this helps.

patricia walsh said...

thanks Jo Ann............but, alas, I do not have photoshop anymore. I knew how to do it on that program but had to buy a new computer so I am stuck with windows photo gallery for the moment. I just had no idea that you could even click on the image to enlarge it until last week.