Sunday 27 September 2009

long drive, bad photo

I got home this afternoon after a great visit with my dad and sisters............I stretched canvases and primed some of the 50 birch panels my dad and I made after I got home. It was so darn easy to make the panels with a table saw!!!! My sisters and I picked a TON of apples from a tree in my NY sis's back I will be making alot of apple based concoctions from them. I will probably also take some to a local orchard to see what variety they are since they are awesome and like nothing I have ever tasted before...........the tree is really old and the apples are completely untreated and look kind of ugly. I am posting a 10" square study from a stormy day at Seapowet......not the greatest photo but it's gone and I can't get another. It was weird to get home and realize that it still looks like summer here and is total fall in upstate NY.

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