Monday 10 November 2008

Making sense of fall color

I am determined to figure out how to interlock fall colors in receding trees............this is the initial stage of my attempt. It really is like a puzzle and it's hard to not make the colors too intense and reserve the bright spots for where the light hits the leaves and high spots. I wiped a lot of this off and moved more of it around than I intended but I am beginning to figure it out - we shall see, it may never go anywhere. This canvas is 12x16 since I couldn't struggle with size and the task I have set for myself.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I think you did the receding colors very well. I also like the way you used brushstrokes to lead the eye down the path.

Paula Villanova said...

This is really beautiful. I have been knocked out by the glorious colors this fall and the glow through the leaves. You have not only captured this effect but you also make the viewer aware of their place on the wandering path!

patricia walsh said...

Thanks for your kind I just have to close my eyes and get back to that place so I can finish this one!