Friday 27 September 2013

finding a spot - 15x17"

The dog is done and I began a new "beach people" that is nearly done as well. I also decided that it was time (in a spirit of organization) to transfer all of my photos from the backup cd's I made before moving to my new computer. This has had several affects on me........first, I am beginning to comprehend the mac system better (and it takes constant repetition to undo my windows sensibility) and second it has triggered a mix of missing where I was and being glad I left at the same time. Weird, but I think I am fusing my past home with my new one via my visual sense of each place. I mean how can the grungy convenience store around the corner from my home in Fall River trigger such a sense of longing even as I delight in the beauty of my current woodsy/oceany home if it doesn't represent something else? Figuring those things out and representing them in a painting is what keeps me going.


The Paint Studio & Gallery said...

Love the dog painting and your series on beach toys, very nice,hope things are going well. Oh, and Fall River has that affect on everyone lol.

patricia walsh said...

thanks and they are & OF COURSE ithe Rive does! How are you guys? Coming down again soon?