Tuesday 16 April 2013

four girls - second step - 16x20"

I am making good progress with this one (that means no obsessive scraping off) so I am happy about it. Controlling the values can be a challenge on a backlit painting and I am pleased that I am managing and excited about working on the painting. Another condition I am accepting is working through the inevitable drying of the paint without becoming unhappy.......on something larger it simply must be delt with. I cannot withold comment on the explosions in Boston yesterday since I graduated from Boston University, lived in that area for most of my life and have so many friends and family there. I only moved south a year and a half ago and Boston remains the city of my coming of age. My heart goes out to everyone there and to the spirit of those streets I know so well.....Boston is a beautiful city and this violence has got to stop.

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