Thursday 11 April 2013

beach figures beginning - 16x20"

It's warm again! I am thrilled because I am already spoiled by living in the south and this winter seemed way too cold and dark for me. At any rate, I have nearly finished the girl with the red sunglasses and placed it on my drying wall. I have begun the painting at the top - I really like the grouping of these girls and the abstract design of the group reflected in the wet sand/water. Had to put aside the square "girl in the wave" painting because I had re-done her face and found it wanting so many times that I just blocked it in with a neutral and will let that dry until I attempt it again. I have found a house that I totally love and am in the beginning stages of buying it (moving again....sigh) - I will be able to walk to the beach and there is an outbuilding that I plan on making into a studio!

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