Sunday 14 February 2016

fetch - 12x16"

Sometimes I really fall in love with a dog while I'm walking on the beach. I'm much more of a cat person but this guy was just didn't hurt that the conditions were right for photo taking. The past couple of days have been freezing here so I've been in the studio. I'm not complaining - after talking to my sister this morning (where the actual temperature was -22) I felt kind of wimpy for even my silent complaints.


The Paint Studio & Gallery said...

Hi patty, love the doggie painting, you know I am a sucker for dogs. Trying to get in touch with you, tried emailing and called your old cell, also tried clicking on emailing you on your blog but it brings up outlook which I don't use. Anyway I am in Tybee Island and Denise is on Fripp, wanted to try and get together with your this Tuesday or Wednesday or somtime after March 7, I will be here until the 19th of March.
My email is

patricia walsh said...

Hi Phyllis......I'll email you. My cell # is the same. I'm good but get so much email that I often miss stuff that's legit among all the garbage! Obviously I missed Tuesday & Wednesday.....Patty