Thursday 12 August 2010

finishing stuff and starting stuff

I have been lax about posting things but that is the way it goes sometimes. Getting ready for the open studio, framing things and life in general does not always synch with blogger. My daughter is safetly in Austin for grad school and I continue framing and painting. Yesterday I went out with my painting buddies to the middle of Westport Harbor - we parked (the correct word?) the boat on a sandbar and painted for more than an hour.......then returned to shore and cooked hamburgers on the grill, drank a bit of wine and talked about our respective weeks. I would have to say it was as close to paradise as I can imagine. I found myself just wishing to put down spots of color on my canvas, no structure, no nothing.....appreciating the goddamn beauty of the place and the night without worrying about the state of the world for a change. So, this morning, I started a picture based on the color sketches I did yesterday...........obviously just a beginning.


Jo Ann Elig said...

I like how you think. I was in Newport today painting with my friend and felt the same way.It's funny how peaceful you feel when you have a brush in your hands.

patricia walsh said...

It is truly amazing isn't it?