Thursday 10 June 2010

somerset stone - 11x14"

I fell in love with this little building when I went exploring on Tuesday....there was even a small area to park! The building looks out over the Taunton River. After I parked I noticed a beautiful Japanese garden off to the side as well; I will definitely go back to paint that. The weather was pretty changeable and I ended up having to finish this at home. The owner stopped by and said I could come back to paint again.


Kathy Weber said...

Nice! I like the white house at Adamsville too- I've wanted to paint that view. I'll paint in Fall River with you sometime if you want company!

patricia walsh said...

Thanks Kathy - if you want to go painting there some evening, let's do it. When it is nearly dark all of the herons bed down in the trees, too cool.