Sunday, 29 November 2015

speed is needed!

I didn't crop this because it's not done yet and I sort of liked the way it looked with the surroundings in the background. I love the quality and angle of the light this time of year but it does make it really important to work as quickly as you can. I began a different 24x12" painting at the same location yesterday and returned hoping to finish that one but shrimp boats have this pesky way of moving around and the scene was completely blocked by a new (huge) arrival this morning. Luckily the Eddings Point landing has lots of parking and plenty of good views so I just turned around and started another painting. I've been painting outside mostly in the past couple of months - partly because I really like it and partly because I have to have cataract surgery on both eyes and am finding artificial light kind of impossible. I am an odd mixture of excited and terrified to have this surgery but I have heard nothing but good things so the excitement seems to be winning at the moment. This painting is 16x12" and close to being done - I just ran out of time.

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