Friday, 6 November 2015

gloom for weeks! - 14x11" - plein air

The weather here has been quite wretched for what seems like months but is probably more like weeks. Yesterday the gloom lifted a bit and the landscape seemed more saturated than grey so I went out painting. I have been trying all week actually but Monday and Tuesday were full on rain and Wednesday I did a painting that I wiped down. This site isn't far from my house and the colors were pretty fresh and intense - I had planned to paint the field of cows that were grazing when I began but they all left as soon as I got ready to incorporate them! I didn't even try today and worked on stuff at home.....the sun came out for all of ten minutes. Because there are so many dirt roads and I have a Prius I have been reluctant to travel afar.......I think I'll work in the studio tomorrow.

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