Thursday, 19 November 2015

notan-ish - 18x18"

The concept of the "notan"system has always appealed to me but I have not really experimented with it until this picture. Notan is basically a system of dividing the picture area into interesting shapes of light and dark. I usually take walks at Hunting Island State Beach which is not only a couple of miles from my house but has been experiencing severe erosion - especially since our autumn of violent storms. Areas of the beach that were seemingly flat (or gradual elevation) have now become kind of rugged and the ocean seems to be carving the beach away from the coast and creating much more dramatic edges between the beach per se and the sandy land behind it. As I walk, I invariably look at things around me and the cliff-like dunes that are forming inspire me even though they sadden me. For some reason when I decided to draw this on the canvas I thought of notan and kept that in mind. I liked the composition so much I decided to post it before going any further!

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