Monday, 2 July 2012

feeding gulls & crabbing

It remains quite hot here but I did go out to paint this morning at the landing near my house.....I discovered that catching blue crabs is the perfect compliment to plein air painting. I got 7 crabs and was so excited I felt like I was eight again - they were all a bit small so I threw them back but it was still fun. I ended up wiping down the painting I did and came home to finish this. While I was there a man was netting for shrimp so I think I'll have to learn about that too. That wouldn't work so well with painting since it isn't as passive.........with the crabbing, all you do is drop the net over the edge of the dock and wait (something that would drive me crazy if I didn't have something active to do while waiting). I am hoping to get some big ones soon!

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