Thursday, 10 May 2012

trial by fire (ants)

Well, I have now experienced the pain of fire ants! I am pretty careful and have studied a little bit about them since I moved "down south." Unfortunately, yesterday's heavy rain seems to have caused the little buggers to leave their mounds and swarm under the edge of a railroad tie that edges the side of the driveway.....of course I didn't see them and stepped right into a batch of about a zillion of them. I moved into the house to take a shower and continue working and listened to a bit of talk radio so I could listen to the right-wingers scream about gay marraige - it relieved the symptoms of the ant bites somewhat. Who actually listens to Rush Limbaugh seriously? After a few callers describing themselves as "dittoheads" and Rush blabbering on about "traditional marraige" (I mean he is an expert having tried it four times), I couldn't take any more and turned it off.

At any rate, I have pretty much completed the shrimp boats and have begun the one of the fishing couple and their dog......and hoping the damn ants stop swarming and go back to their neat little mounds where I can see them and treat them with a substance which is supposed to be deadly and safe at the same time (according to the guy at Lowe's) - go figure!

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