Tuesday, 15 May 2012

this and that.......

Since I have been having so much trouble with the computer, I have given up struggling with it on a daily basis (I know I will probably have to get a new one soon). It is just too annoying - so, I thought I would just post a few things that I have been working on. The painting at the bottom is done for the most part. I always put it up for a while and often make minor adjustments after a week or two. The orange chair is getting there and the beach scene is a plein air done at Hunting Island this morning. The plein air work is coming along but I feel like I lost so much confidence in the past year of not doing it on a nearly daily basis - unavoidable with the move but I am glad that I am back in to a routine again. My fire ant bites now look like a localized case of smallpox but they don't hurt at all so it's just the "disgustingness factor." The little creeps are sneaky too, when we have lots of storms (we have had more thunderstorms in the past couple of weeks than New England has in years) they spread out from their mounds and are harder to avoid.

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