Sunday, 12 June 2011

a tribute

I don't really know what to say here beyond a quick explanation of why I have not posted for a bit. I am posting a recent portrait I painted of my father for his 90th birthday just a month ago. I am reposting this picture because my father suffered a fatal fall a week ago and I left immediately for NY. He died a day after I got there and I just got home tonight. I doubt I will feel like posting for a bit even though I can't wait to get back to painting tomorrow. We were very, very close and I am very, very devastated so I will close for now.


Jo Ann Elig said...

No words can express my sorrow for you. Having gone through this in 08'I sympathize with you. Take one day at a time Patty. Art will get you through your sorrowsma.
Jo Ann

patricia walsh said...

Thank you Jo Ann.........I knew it would be bad when it happened (he was 90 after all) but we all just adored him and he was so healthy. It was just so sudden. Yeah, painting is truly my salvation. Patty