Friday, 3 June 2011

OMG........spring light - 12x9"

I am stunned I was able to get as far as posting! I am having some pretty severe computer problems, my hard drive is nearly full so I went out and bought an external hard drive. I have now backed my kazillion photos up but am still having difficulty in freeing up space despite deleting tons and tons of duplicate photos. I am getting annoying messages from windows and  have not been able to figure out how to keep my photos accessible but off the hard drive! I do have an entire drive free (the D drive) but have no idea how to transfer stuff to it. Damn, I will have to go te Staples again!! Anyway, I have been painting outside and wiping is always an adjustment getting back outside. This painting is actually farther along than the photo but I didn't dare to do another thing with the photo programs!

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