Thursday, 23 June 2011

marina study - 10x8"

The only thing I have been able to do this past week is paint - unfortunately I broke one of my own rules and accepted a portrait commission from a neighbor who gave me a god-awful photo to work from. In addition to despising the photo, the fact that he is wearing a navy uniform in it (my father was in the navy) made me upset. The man was also wearing an expression that made him seem constipated and showed his teeth in a sort of grimace. Needless to say, I detested every minute of the three starts I made on the portrait..........I am glad to say I have now completed the portrait but I will be damned if I will post it! I will eternally remember my rule - never, never accept a portrait commission without taking the photo yourself (or at least liking the one the customer gives you). In between sessions of wipimg the damn thing down and restarting, I did this study.


Jo Ann Elig said...

Patty I really,really got the idea that you hated doing this portrait commission. It cracked me up on your description of the mans constipated grimace.

patricia walsh said...

My son advised me that that was probably a faux pas to say what I said & I agree.... the guy was really nice and I should have corrected him (or his photo) on the spot rather than taking on a project that made me so irritable.