Tuesday, 2 December 2014

red brick - 14x18"

Sorry about the poor quality of this photo.......my camera's acting a bit weird and the light was terrible. I am back from my 10 days traveling to and from Texas to visit my daughter (and help her with some wedding prep). My plan was to paint along the way (I took 3 days) and then paint there as well. I knew there weren't too many daylight hours but I wanted to try. The weather was pretty awful - in fact, every time I wasn't driving, it was pouring! The Saturday prior to Thanksgiving, there were so many flash flood alerts that all of our phones were sounding alarms all day. It was so wet that I couldn't even really take photos................I was pretty happy to get home and pick up the brush! This building is in Savannah GA and I got this great view one day on my way home from Dick Blick (art store).

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