Saturday, 20 December 2014

fumbling to the still life! last garden stuff - 6x6"

I have decided that I simply must get better at still life..............not that I don't like doing them, but I was always so bad at controlling light on the set-up and framing them. Well, I bought Carol Marine's new book "daily painting" and saw that I could order something called the "still life stage" for a reasonable cost - so, I did. It arrived this week and I immediately set it up (very easy) as I was finishing the Christmas commission - this is my first attempt so I thought I would post it even though it isn't very good. What amazed me is that I was able to totally control the light and frame it at the same time! The reason I have wished to attempt more still lives is because I want to broaden my ability to mix reds, yellows and other colors that don't occur when I paint landscapes outside. I can't tell you how much fun I had doing this little thing (and I didn't even feel cramped by the size - a first). The next time I post, I will mention the company that makes the "still life stage" (left the info at the studio). Oh, and the veggies are some of the last things from my garden.......I had a zillion poblano peppers!


Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

Happy New Year Patty! Great that you are trying something new and outside your comfort. Your landscapes are gorgeous and now a sweet little still life!

patricia walsh said...

Thanks Anne! Hope you have a wonderful New Year as well and having fun up there in winter (it's actually almost as cold down here).