Sunday, 15 June 2014

studio renovation!!!!!

I am ecstatic!!!! My son was here last week and did a great job turning a 12x14' shed into an actual studio......the dingy back sides of the plywood siding framed with 2x4s are now finished walls. The ill fitting solid door is now a set of French doors and I have two windows. I have been using the building as a studio prior to this but it was pretty grungy and hard to work in if the weather was extreme. Eventually the exterior will be shingled and the floor will be done.......maybe something with the ceiling but I'm not sure yet. At any rate, I have not done much painting the past couple of weeks because I needed to organize, clean everything out and store it - then had to make decisions about what to move back in and move it. The seagulls (12" square) is the first thing I have worked on in the new space. Other paintings which need to be finished are on the's so nice I didn't want to leave yesterday. 

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