Friday, 16 August 2013

still life update

Thought I would post an update on this painting - it has been a lot of work so far and I feel like I have learned a ton that I couldn't have learned if I had become frustrated and thrown it aside. The major problem (in my opinion) with working exclusively alla prima, plein air and the like is the sense that we must get tangible results quickly or at least in one session. I have struggled for a week now with the sense that I was "overworking" this but have found that, as long as I am working from life and really looking, that isn't likely to happen.....the effects may appear to be less spontaneous-looking but it has its own, different quality which is valuable. I have been working outside with improving results but I can rarely take it for more than an hour - August in SC is pretty intense. When the bugs invade my ears and nose and the deet has run into my eyes after mingling with my sweat, I head for the air conditioning!

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