Thursday, 8 August 2013

still- life is cool! 16" square

As I have mentioned in prior posts, I have never had a place where I could set up a still, my rudimentary studio (with zero light) has become a place I can do that! I have been working on this for a couple of days after making some progress with plein air stuff but still not being satisfied enough to take photos or not wipe down an outdoor effort. At any rate, I have been completely enjoying working on this painting and feel like I am learning a lot. It seems that I have no true idea of the actual color of objects! I am fighting my own mind while mixing every single color.......this is way different than working outdoors or on something figurative. Or maybe it's not and I am about to discover how little I know about those things as well. I am completely excited again after getting sidetracked by moving and am actually rethinking my idea of putting in skylights! (Just kidding on that one)

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