Tuesday, 5 March 2013

experimentation! 14"square

I had to put the top painting aside again after making a bunch of progress (with the values) because it was simply too wet to finish up. I have been trying to experiment with the way I begin a painting for  some time and (for some reason) have wanted to use a yellow wash on the white canvas. I tried it once but used pure cadmium lemon yellow which bled into everything I put on top of it...........today I decided to try Graham's Azo Green which can go pretty yellow when diluted. Couldn't take a photo outside due to it being rainy and windy so it looks a little yellower than it is but it's still pretty yellow. Now that I am involved a bit I am beginning to like it but the first few strokes put me totally on edge....we shall see.


The Paint Studio & Gallery said...

Hi patty, I like this, looks like an abstract. Sometimes orange is a good color for an underpainting, seems to work better than yellow. Love your paintings, hope all is well. Heard you bumped into Denise?

patricia walsh said...

Thanks & is this THE Paint Studio in Bristol aka Phyllis??? Yes, I did........great to see her and such a surprise! It was funny but the people I was working with just assumed we had prearranged the meeting. I should have figured this was you but the "&amp" part of your name threw me off.