Tuesday, 26 February 2013

winter docks - begun again - 24x20"


I finished the lower horizontal painting of the winter afternoon light on the docks and shrimp boats of Gay Fish Co. - I entered it in the local competition at the Beaufort Art Association's Spring Show. Boy, was this a hard painting to photograph! I must have taken 30 pictures in every possible light in my yard....looks a little dark here but at least there's no glare. Then I decided I would finish the painting at the top which has been languishing on my drying wall for months and months.....also of Gay Fish Co. A place which is not only picturesque, has great shrimp all year and is close to home; but appeared in a tiny portion of the movie "Forrest Gump." As I looked at the picture over the past months, I realized that the values were off so I knew where I had to go. I will end up painting the entire picture over again but the drawing was accurate and I like the concept of it. I began again with the important relationship between the light washed docks and the white building in shadow........hopefully, I will finish it with this pass and not have to put it back up on the drying wall.


Susan said...

I love having re-found your blog. I remember you from South coast Artists and always loved your work. I will have a wonderful time catching up on your new work.

patricia walsh said...

Hey Susan........thanks.