Tuesday, 2 October 2012

workshop study - 14x11"

This is one of the studies that I did at the recent workshop I took with Randall Sexton at Anderson Fine Art in Saint Simons GA. I am not going to finish it because I feel that its purpose was accomplished at the time. We had a great week - the weather was just how I like it: high 80's and humid!


Kathy Weber said...

So did you like the workshop? Would you take it again? Mine was very disappointing, supposed to be for int./adv. but was actually for beginners.
I love the striped chairs on the beach.

patricia walsh said...

Hey Kathy...........yes, it was great. Makes me want to hire a model myself (too bad it's so expensive)! The place was beautiful and the model was wonderful (we had her the entire time). Randy Sexton is a really clear instructor and really nice guy............you would have loved it! I'll call soon. Sorry yours wasn't so great.