Wednesday, 10 October 2012

purple tank top - 8x16"

I have some more work to do on this but the essence is done enough to post (her hand, notably). I have been experimenting with getting clarity and softening edges at the same time. Since I live under large pines that block the light during parts of the day, I was caught off guard by how early the light faded's been gloomy the past few days so it was kind of hard to tell. Today it was clear and I realized that, despite it being so warm, it's not summer anymore.

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Jo Ambrose said...

I love how you use warm and cool colors. How you simplify backgrounds. I discovered your blog this morning when I as searching oak moss trees. I am working on watercolor painting from several photos that I took when I was in savannah. Your paintings inspired me. I do paint in oils as well. Now I will have to design blog page. Perhaps you can give me some critiques when I do?