Saturday, 28 January 2012

fishing area - update

Just an update on the "tropical scene" and then the start of a new painting...........the landscape is so wet I had to put it aside (even though I like working wet this was too much) plus I have to do some additional studies on scene. The "start" is of some window boxes in sunlight in the historic portion of the city of Beaufort. It absolutely amazes me that these flowers grow in winter! In addition to the warmth, I am quite happy with the amount of sunshine here; if it's not raining it is usually partly or mostly sunny. And then there's the shrimp.


Jo Ann Elig said...

Glad to see you are settled and happy. I understand why you love the warmth, you're paintings reflect it.

patricia walsh said...

Thanks Jo is very different here and I strangely find myself missing Job Lot! Take care.