Sunday, 15 January 2012

backyard plein air 10x8"

I certainly need to get back to constant practice outside! I set up outside in my backyard and chose a tiny corner of the very vast marsh that begins at the end of the yard. Nearly didn't post this but decided to anyway since I want to get back into the habit. The weather has been awesome down here and it is hard to realize that it is January - the temps have been between 58 and 78 degrees in the daytime buut I have heard that this is unseasonably warm.


Block Dog Art said...

Hi Patty, Good to see you are finally settled. Just happened to be thinking about you this morning and so checked your blog, good timing. I love Beaufort, Rich and spent a month there in March a couple of years ago. Wow quite a change from Fall River. So jealous you can paint outside. Hope all is well and happy painting.

patricia walsh said...

Hey Phyllis - I was just thinking about calling you but I still cough too much when I talk after that damned flu......Yes, I painted outside all morning and it's probably in the mid sixties now. I'll talk to you soon & hopefully you and all had a nice holiday. P