Friday, 13 May 2011

flowering trees study - 8x10"

I am back from all of my travels! It was impossible to paint for the 2 days I was home between the Maine - NY - Maine and the Austin trips.........way too much to do. My cat is finally getting over her insecurity at being "abandoned" for so long (I did hire a cat sitter). I was able to go out this morning with a friend and paint in her gorgeous yard. I tried a new panel from Guerrilla Painters - it is heavy brownish cardboard and quite different from canvas but I liked it. You can see the clip at the top right corner - the stock is thin enough that I had to clip it to an actual panel. Boy, does one get rusty after not painting much for 10 days!  I have to get back on track now. It was a real shock to come from the near 100 degrees in Austin to Providence; when the pilot announced what the temperature in RI was I nearly cried.

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