Wednesday, 10 March 2010

wave - 8" square

One of those frustrating days where nothing really worked and I ended up wiping off two things. In near anger at myself I just whipped this out but sort of liked it so I didn't obliterate it. Now I have about 100 brushes to wash! To top it all off, my car's check engine light came on...........something that sends me into instant anxiety mode (the last time it was $300). I often thought that the worst thing about being divorced was not having a back up vehicle - at least I don't have to commute 75 miles to work anymore.


Janette Jones, Studio California said...

Fantastic wave study...and so hard to capture. Just got back from a painting trip to Cambria (California coast) and I produced many wipers...eeeeek! The sea...that color and always moving..anyway, good job with this!

patricia walsh said...

Thanks Janette..........spent all day on bookwork (taxes) eek!