Tuesday, 23 March 2010

disrepair - beginning - 12" square

No hope for a decent photo today - it has been pouring and I have had the lights on since I got up. I began this somewhat larger painting this morning. Funny, last year I would have thought this was tiny but forcing myself to learn to work small has worked. This poor house is falling apart and is on Broad St. in Providence.


mike rooney studios said...

just found you off kathy weber's blog. really nice architectural stuff and i love your color sense. glad i found you.

Kathleen Weber said...

Nice paintings of buildings! I might be painting in Bristol some day soon with Ann, maybe you can meet us.

patricia walsh said...

Thanks Mike....I check yours all the time with my family connection to Topsail. For sure Kathy, I haven't gotten to Bristol in these first few days of painting weather. Let me know when you are going.