Wednesday, 13 April 2016

my girl - 12x24"

It is very easy to really fall in love with "off line" life and I certainly have this past month - it has just been too hard to see well enough to deal with electronic reading so I didn't. My surgery is complete and I can see super well but I have decreased my internet presence so much in the last six months that it is really hard to get back into it again. I started this painting before I was "cleared" enough to lift my painting equipment (and do some plein air) and finished it today. Now I just have to force myself to catch up on email all the while realizing how much life has changed since the mid-nineties or so when the internet became such a huge presence in our lives. I have really begun to relish the quiet of my little woodland home, the sounds of birds, wind and the ocean and the lack of television. 

At any rate, I loved the way this young dad was teaching his baby girl about the ocean and I could see his total adoration for her so I "snuck" a photo last summer and it just had to become a painting.

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