Saturday, 12 December 2015

beach erosion - 18x18

What a week! It began with jury duty, evolved into my continuing internet provider issues and, finally, getting a chance to paint. Since there is so little daylight as we near the shortest day of the year, I've been working in the studio. The internet wire that leads into my house was struck by lightening at the beginning of the summer - it took two weeks then for them to figure it out and replace the wire but I have had a multitude of connectivity problems since then. After about a million phone calls (and being on hold for at least a half an hour per call) they sent a technician out to my house. I'm hoping it's fixed for good this time and won't shut down multiple times each day. I will also welcome not becoming immediately furious each time it quits.....they gave me a whopping $10 credit in July for the two weeks it didn't really work at all...........and I pay $70 per month for internet alone! Living in a rural area there's only one choice unless I want t.v. and I don't so I'm stuck. At any rate, I calmed right down when I had an entire day to paint yesterday.....not one single errand.

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