Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Crabber (getting there) 18x18"

I put this one aside for several months & it was right beyond my easel on the wall. All of a sudden I started looking at it again (out of the corner of my eye) and felt a strong urge to finish it. I worked plein air for a few days this week and then picked this up yesterday when the weather turned stormy and now am totally into it again. There's always a certain resistance in me when I pick up an uncompleted painting and it sometimes takes a bit of time to get back into it.............sometimes this happens because there was a problem that caused me to put it aside and sometimes there isn't. There wasn't an issue with this one - I probably just felt like getting out of the studio (can't really remember) or it needed to dry a bit. At any rate, I'm closing in now and glad that it seems to be fall here..........the air conditioner wasn't needed today!

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