Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Giant Green Luffa - 12" square

I planted this Luffa gourd plant around the end of May............still no flowers and it is at least 8 feet tall. I was about to pull it up but checked google and discovered that it takes an exceptionally long time to produce the gourds (probably why I never tried to grow them in MA). Anyway, I loved the grace and gesture of the plant enough that I probably would not have done so. There certainly is a lot of green in this picture! I have a huge garden that I have been creating in my back yard during the past three summers so I will probably be doing some more of these types of pictures - I have my eye on one of the 4" garden spiders that make these cool zig zag webs and are pretty scary except that they eat so many bugs I've begun to kind of think they are attractive rather than scary.

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